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Demonstration by Ohara Headmaster

25 October 2018

A once in a lifetime celebration was held to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Honolulu Chapter of the Ohara School. This is the oldest Ohara chapter outside of Japan. The Chapter was honored with a demonstration by the young Headmaster Hiroki Ohara, assisted by Professor Yokohigashi. Members of several other Ikebana schools joined the group of about 200 to experience this unforgettable event.

At the reception desk





Arita-sensei & Kida-sensei

General Counsel & Mrs. Ito with members of Ikenobo school

Arlene Horiuchi, Gwen Nagata chat with Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi

Councilwoman Ann Kobayashii with General Counsel & Mrs. Ito

Headmaster Hiroki Ohara

Event Co-chair Linda Kamiyama

Suzuki Sensei students Deanna Overbey and Tatsuko Koike

Bette Uyeda presents certificate to Grand Master Edith Tanaka.

Grand Master Edith Tanaka and son Al

Arita-sensei being recognized

Arita-sensei being recognized

Councilwoman Ann Kobayashii and Arita-sensei

The Honorees

Hiroki Ohara begins his demonstration

Heika style

Hiroki Ohara starting a tropical Rimpa style

Rimpa style arrangement with tropical flowers

Rose ginger

Beehive ginger

Professor Hirokazu Yokohigashi assisting Hiroki Ohara

Slanting moribana

Tahitian Red Ginger

Use of Shippo

Hiroki Ohara starting a tropical landscape

Hiroki Ohara continuing a tropical landscape

Tropical landscape

Detail of monstera fruit

Heika style with Chinese influence

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