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Honolulu Chapter 56 welcomes anyone who is interested in the art of ikebana. While the Chapter does not offer classes itself, we are composed of many different ikebana schools that offer classes in their particular style of flower arranging. Please refer to our page of Teachers to see which schools are available for lessons.

Dues: Our membership year runs from June 1 to May 31.
Dues will be determined each year based on the current exchange rate.

Benefits of Membership in Ikebana International

When you join Ikebana International Honolulu Chapter 56, you will be eligible for several benefits that can enhance your study and enjoyment of ikebana. In addition to giving you opportunities to meet others who practice the art form, you will be eligible to:

  • attend workshops, demonstrations, exhibits, lectures and other educational activities
  • participate in chapter exhibits
  • volunteer in various community service projects sponsored by the chapter
  • attend chapter luncheons and other social gatherings
  • attend the Ikebana International World Convention held every five years in Japan and regional conferences held in different countries on a regular basis
  • receive special discounts for certain items at Watanabe Floral
  • receive a newsletter published six times a year by the chapter
  • receive an educational magazine published three times a year by Ikebana International Headquarters in Japan
  • receive regular copies of Sakura News and keep informed about current news
  • receive wholesale rates at Flora-Dec


It’s Membership Renewal Period and for 2023-2024 we submit to you a ONE page fprm.  Please select  your membership level by the categories listed.  Ikebana International Chapter 56 depends on its member to provide the support to continue our efforts to promote ikebana in our community. 

Please submit your membership renewal by June 1 and volunteer to help our committees.

    Missed the June 1st deadline and don't want to wait for next year to get on our mailing list?  You can now join as a 1-time limited local member, but you MUST renew as a full member next June...

Membership Form

We look forward to sharing your friendship through flowers!

Shoka Shofutai Ishuike by Barbara Tinius
Ikenobo School

Elaine Arita
Ohara School

Marsha Curnyn
Sogetsu School