Okinawan Sakura, Wahiawa, Hawai'i  Honolulu Chapter 56

Inspirations for Ikebana Art
Workshop by Carole Sakata, Sogetsu Sensei

20 October 2013

Ikebana International Honolulu, Chapter 56 held its October workshop at Spalding House, formerly known as the Contemporary Museum of Art.  A docent led the group through the gallery explaining how it was originally built as a private residence.  Through glass doors we could see the small Japanese  rock garden (karesansui) tucked between buildings.  We then walked through the larger strolling garden.  Afterward, Carole Sakata gave us a handout on the various ways practitioners of Sogetsu ikebana manipulate leaves and showed us a few examples.  We then selected from a variety of tropical leaves and flowers to create our own arrangements.  

Carol demonstrating
Demonstration arrangement
Most of
                          the group