snake plant aka mother-in-law's tonque
Snake Plant, Allerton National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kauai, Hawaii  Honolulu Chapter 56

Ohara Workshop

21 March 2021

II Chapter 56 hosted an Ohara workshop via Zoom, featuring our own First Term Master, Grace Sekimitsu.  Grace began by showing several types of suitable containers and kenzan for the Hana-Isho Tateru-Katachi or Rising Form.  She then demonstrated a basic arrangement and a variation, showing how it can be placed in the center or to the side in the container.  Several participants then followed along with their own materials as she repeated the steps in the basic form.  Despite the difficulties, Grace then directed each participant in corrective action, gently guiding each participant to a successful Rising Form arrangement. 

demonstration Tateru Katachi
Hana-Isho Tateru-Katachi
                            filler in variant
2nd Hana
                            Isho Tateru Katachi
Example in
                            a basket

participants arranging
                              participants' arrangements