Plumeria, Oahu, Hawaii  Honolulu Chapter 56

Gift Wrapping Workshop

18 November 2018

To help members get ready for the coming season filled with gift-giving, Emi Murayama led a workshop on the basics of Japanese department store wrapping. For anyone unfamiliar with it, in the blink of an eye store employees wrap purchases diagonally in a sheet of paper and secure it with a single piece of tape at the end. Using small rectangular boxes such as the U.S.P.S. Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box, participants practiced wrapping it in newspaper before repeating the process with actual wrapping paper. Emi-sensei also showed participants how to tie a double bow and to wrap a bottle or cylinder using the same Japanese department store technique. With some assistance everyone successfully wrapped a box and several participants tried jars and double bows with varying degrees of success...



almost done
four hands

moving on
almost done
double bow
tying Is it
                          supposed to look like that?
wrapping a bottle

                          pleated bottoms