Ti leaves, Allerton National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kauai  Honolulu Chapter 56

Ikenobo Workshop

29 October 2018

Sensei May Hiraoka-Tomita provided an introductory lesson in Shoka Shofutai, one of the three basic forms of Ikenobo ikebana.  The shoka form developed in the late Edo Period with Shoka Shofutai being formally codified in the Meiji Era (1868-1912). Although the style may look simple with normally only one, two or three materials arranged in three main branches, there are many variations and techniques to learn, especially with how to manipulate different kinds of materials without wire or tape.  That said, the participants went from shoka isshuike using cremon chrysanthemum to nishuike replacing one part of the arrangement with a different kind of chrysanthemum then from there to sanshuike replacing another part with myrtle leaves.  It was exciting, well executed, and everyone was very enthused!


participants arranging
participants arranging participants arranging
participants arranging