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Viva Inouye's Toin Misho school arrangement -- "Sensei Lillian Yano, Sensei Alice Masuda, and Sensei Bessie Fooks, 3 women of grace. Though they are no longer on this earth, their simple elegance, poise, respect, love and kindness continue to inspire me in my own life and my ikebana journey. I have incorporated: Oseika kata influences by Sensei Yano, Usubata given to me from Sensei Masuda, and Nagoya obi obtained from Sensei Fooks. I have decided to use ti leaf as my material because it is a familiar, unpretentious, yet vital plant here in Hawaii. Used in this oseika style arrangement it displays simple elegant grace. A tribute to 3 women of grace."

NIKON D700 using 24-70mm f/2.8-2.8 lens at 42.0mm
0.33333334s f/8.0 IS0 200

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Date: 5/18/17 9:01 AM
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