Aloe  Honolulu Chapter 56

State Library Demonstration

July 25, 2015

Charmaine Yee-Hollison and Patricia Kubo did a presentation at the State Library on the theme of "Ikebana using Everyday Items."  Pat talked about the history of ikebana and presented arrangements using fly swatters and a meat tray; ginger, long beans and kale in a basket; bird of paradise and a metal scrubber in a wipes container; and flowers and basil in a coffee mug.  Charmaine then demonstrated several arrangements.  The first one was in a tofu container and used midolino sticks.  The second used her grandson's Legos while the third was in a hat.  Her fourth arrangement used a support grid of bamboo chopsticks and wooden sake cups.  A fifth arrangement used an old record and photo of Rap Reiplinger; and her final arrangment used bamboo soaked in wine and post-it notes to resemble the Tanabata story.